Monday 12 December 2022

Federal Court Orders Stay of Deportation

Claudia, Lety, Andres and Isaias are relieved and elated to hear that the Federal Court has ordered the government to stay their deportation, which was scheduled for December 19th. We are thrilled to know that the family can now celebrate Christmas with their friends, family and community.

We are so grateful for the immense solidarity shown by the community over the past six months; the letters and emails that continue to pour in are still so important in supporting the family's ongoing applications for permanent residence. The family would like to share their immense gratitude for Molly Joeck, their Lawyer at Edelmann & Co. Law Offices, Watari Counseling and Support Services, the Hospital Employees Union, Indigenous community members, pastors and churches, friends and community members for their continued support.

La lucha sigue for Status for All, as we fight to ensure no other family has to go through the same stressful and terrifying situation!

Join us as Sanctuary Health will be supporting the Committee for Caregivers and Domestic Workers Rights's rally for Status for All on Sunday December 18 at 9:30 am at 700 Hamilton St in Vancouver (outside the Canada Border Services Agency's office).