Thursday 18 August 2016

URGENT: Support a Family of 4 (soon 5) to stay in Canada

Please click here to donate to help raise the $9000 required to help a Honduran family of four, soon to be five, apply to stay in Canada after fleeing their homes out of fear for their lives and the safety of their children.

With no other option but to flee, the family, which includes a pregnant mother and two young children, now faces the high cost of staying in Canada legally so they can access basic services, such as education and health care. In order to stay, each member of their family must apply for a Pre-removal Risk Assessment and the right to stay under Humanitarian and Compassionate grounds (H&C)  which will cost more than $9000.

The current situation in Honduras is unsafe for many. The country has the world’s highest homicide rate, and environmental activists, human rights defenders, women’s rights activists, members of the LGBTQ community, the Garifuna, Indigenous people, union leaders, farmers and journalists are being systematically threatened or killed. The Canadian government has been a consistent ally to the current government in Honduras since it took power in a 2009 military coup, downplaying the government’s role in the human rights crisis and passing a Free Trade Agreement in 2014.

According to Human Rights Watch :

“Children experience high levels of violence, largely perpetrated by armed gangs. Many are recruited into these gangs or are frequently under pressure to join them, according to press reports. Fear of violence drives hundreds of other children every year to leave their homes and head north, often unaccompanied, to Mexico and the United States. Some migrants who had been deported back to Honduras told Human Rights Watch they were living in hiding and were afraid to go out in public.”

Due to a life of fear and hiding resulting from precarious immigration status, the family wishes to remain anonymous. Please help this family raise some of the money they need to provide a secure life for their young children and enjoy the basic human rights that everyone deserves.

Any amount helps - thank you very much for your support.